Callum Gunged While His Feet Remain Clean


Callum Leigh, wearing casual 'sporty' clothing is gunged by, an also sporty looking, Michaela Anderson.

The video focuses on Callum and his bare size 11 feet, which are placed on the foot stool and remain free from the gunge throughout the 28 minute video. Callum remains seated on the chair and gradually receives three (3) buckets of gunge from a delighted Michaela; 2x Standard Green and 1x Thick Yellow Natrosol!!!

Callum doesn't get messy often, so Michaela decided to take advantage and thoroughly enjoy gunging poor Callum. She verbally teases and taunts him throughout, while also applying light foot tickling which Callum really doesn't enjoy!

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Callum Gunged While His Feet Remain Clean

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