• Can I buy from multiple sellers at the same time?

Absolutely! Just add all the downloads you wish to purchase to your cart and then checkout. You will then be able to download all the videos from multiple vendors all in one place in your 'My Downloads' page in your account

• What information do you need from me?

You need to create an account to access your downloads. We only require your email and a password for access. When paying for your download(s), the payment provider will require your card details. This is fully confidential and in compliance with all GDPR legislation for your security and peace of mind.


• Why do I have to have an account?

Without an account, you can’t access your downloads! Having an account also means all your downloads can be stored in one place if you need to download them again at a later date. However, please note, if videos are deleted from our servers by store vendors, the download may also be deleted so we advise you to make your own backups just in case. We can guarantee that your video will be available for 7 days after purchase (though usually indefinitely)


• How do I buy a download?

Simply search the store. Add the downloads to your cart and follow the checkout process. Once payment has cleared, you can download the files from your account instantly.


• What payment methods do you accept?

We currently accept Verotel (most credit/debit cards accepted). The payment will appear on your statement as vtsup.com*BlueLight*


• Do you accept PayPal?

At present we do not accept PayPal.


• Where is my download?

All of your purchased downloads will be available in the 'My Downloads' area of your account. To access this, go to Customer Account and click My Downloads.


• How do I become a seller?

If you’re interested in selling your video downloads on LXdownloads, click ‘Producer Login’ at the top of the page, then ‘New Seller? Register Here’. Enter the information requested and we’ll get in touch as soon as possible. Alternatively, please feel free to contact us via the contact form or live chat.


• To what level can I sell on LXdownloads?

We’ve chosen to limit the content up to penetration. This means we’ll include open leg, full-frontal nudity and close-ups of the genitals, but no penetration or sexual acts. We respectfully request that all promotional material used to advertise your content is sensibly protected so all genitals are covered on all public content. Feel free to explain the content of the video in the video description so your customers know what they can expect from your video.


• What are royalties and commission?

Royalties are the amount you take home for each sale. Our sole aim is to ensure you take home as much as possible. As producers ourselves, we understand that giving away £30%-£40% of every sale is unsustainable and restricts your ability to grow. This is a clever tactic from other producers to keep them at the top and prevents smaller and growing producers from breaking through. We are ripping up the rule book and extending the ladder in which we climbed. Keep more of your profits, meaning more money for messy products, models, props, lighting and cool content. Take home more money and grow like a pro. Commission is our cut from the sale. It helps with the running of the site and paying for bandwidth and storage costs, maintenance, legal fees etc. We take care of the running of the site and any legalities such as future age verification laws etc. to save you worrying about having to implement complicated systems into your own website. Running, hosting, maintaining and updating websites is time-consuming and expensive work so we take a small cut from each sale to contribute towards these costs. We do not use your contributions to enrich our own content and outperform you. Unlike other platforms, LXdownloads promotes a level playing field. No fat cat producers dominating the market, this is about you, your creativity and getting you as much exposure and money as possible to help our community and allow more content and variety for everybody from big budget to home producers. The world of WAM and fetish videos has very much changed with LXdownloads. We’re not here to profit from your hard work but instead create a platform where we can all share resources together and grow together.


• How much is your commission?

15% which covers everything from storage, bandwidth, billing, administration, legal fees, and our 7 continents content distribution network. There are no upfront costs, so just shoot, upload and promote.

• How do I add an advert to your store?

We have an easy step by step pdf document which walks you through adding an advert to the store. This will be available to view upon receipt of your application. We’re also on hand should you have any questions. You can upload videos directly through your seller dashboard, as well as write adverts, upload promo pictures and set your prices.


• I cannot find a category for my advert?

No worries. Simply let us know and we’ll add the category to the store. We’re also all ears if you have your own ideas/suggestions on how to improve LXdownloads.


• I have a suggestion for a new category

Brilliant! Simply let us know and we’ll add the category to the store. We’re also all ears if you have your own ideas/suggestions on how to improve LXdownloads.

• How and when will I get paid?

Royalties are paid out every Friday via bank transfer (allow 2-3 days to show in your bank). If bank transfer isn't suitable or available, we can use Paypal.

•  I'm an amateur producer, can I have a seller account.

Absolutely! Everyone is welcome to sell and we'll do our best to help promote.

• I'm a model and would like to sell my content, is this possible?

Absolutely! Sign up as a producer and get selling your content and cutting your costs in less than a week.