Michaela's Layered Rainwear Gunging


Michaela Anderson begins wearing a green boilersuit. She collects a bucket of yellow gunge and a jug. She proceeds to jug the gunge onto her chest, rubbing it into her legs and covering the entire suit.

Once the bucket is empty, she picks up some green trousers and gradually manages to get them on and secured with over the shoulder straps. She fetches another bucket of yellow gunge (a slightly different shade) and jugs this inside the trousers as well as over the top. Its a slow, but messy process!

Next, she dresses in a dark green thick pvc jacket with white shoulder reflectors. Grabbing a third bucket of yellow gunge (this time its 'glass effect') she jugs this inside and outside the jacket. She even places some on her long dark brown hair! Watch as it oozes out the bottom of the jacket! - What must it feel like to be in all those gungey layers?!?!

Not finished yet, Michaela fetches the wellies & gloves. Filling full of fluorescent yellow gunge, she cautiously steps into the full wellies wobbling slightly to hold her balance. Moving onto the gloves, she fills and attempts to wear them while battling the thick slimy gunge that is covering every part of her being.

And finally, a pvc apron. She submerges the apron in a bucket of light yellow gunge before finally managing to tie it in place.

It starts to rain, which may bring some relief to Michaela's predicament, but with the amount of gunge inside her clothing, I don't think it will help - anyway she looks like shes having loads of fun!!

The video ends with Michaela slowly removing the clothing and talking about her experience...

Written by Michaela Anderson....

"Oh my God! This was an intense shoot. Half way through filming this, I was worried I wasn't going to be able to finish! The combination of the heavy rainwear soaked in 3 or 4 buckets of gunge was making it harder to breathe and even harder to stand up straight!!! Ever the professional, I managed to get through without making a tit of myself! Phew! Anyway, the customer was very, very happy with the result and I hope you guys enjoy it too!!!"

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Michaela's Layered Rainwear Gunging


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