The PLUNGA! • Westlife Special


Super Westlife fan, Harper Jones, is nominated by Tamsin to take a seat on The Plunga!  Not only is she wearing her favourite Westlife Teeshirt, but she has to hold on to her prized possession, a genuine signed poster.  If she loses the quiz, she will be plunged by Tamsin with her poster and teeshirt, ruining them forever. If she wins, Tamsin will have to take her place.

The Plunga!  includes a jet of falling slime as the girl gets 'plunged into the gunge'.

Once the losing contestant has been plunged, they will have to do a number of challenges in the pool and face 'The Hotspot'  before we'll let them out. The Hotspot is a particular spot in the pool directly under a gunge pump. If she gets her bonus question correct, then we'll finally let her out. If not, she will get another overhead gunging on top of the 3, 000 liters of thick gunge already smothering and surrounding her.

The contestant goes fully underneath the gunge on impact. Plus, host Michaela, orders her to fill her teeshirt with the overhead gunge jet and dunk her face and head into the gunge.

She has quite the ordeal!

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The PLUNGA! • Westlife Special

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