The PLUNGA! • Hayleigh vs Jo


19-year-old fitness student Hayleigh is in the hot seat today as Jo bids to get her in the gunge. Will Jo get to 'Plunge Her' or will they swap places? Once again the pool feature 3,000 Litres of Thick Gunge plus overhead gunge tanks, the ramp and yet again whoever gets it will go right under, fully submerging.

As well as 'The Plunging', the show will also feature, 'Michaela Says', where host Michaela will set the plunged contestant a series of dares and challenges, getting them really mucky. But, she will try to trick them.

Finally, a short interview in the tank to find out how they felt during the build-up, the quiz, when the found out they were being plunged and what it all felt like.

Includes full 'All-Angle' replays.

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The PLUNGA! • Hayleigh vs Jo

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