Bri's helping hand at the hotel


A very elegant Bri walks into the lobby of the hotel dressed in a long green satin dress with sparkly silver jimmy choo heels, clutch bag and bracelet and not forgetting her big expensive pearl necklace.

Carrying a white trash bag that looks pretty heavy, kindly she's asked if she needs any help by a member of staff to which Bri accepts and asked if they can be put into the kitchen of her suite for her. Bri walk into her bedroom to then come rushing back into the kitchen as she hears that what she had in her bag has fallen out, Bri is a little embarrassed to what's been seen in her bag. And offers a helping hand to pick up what she was so desperate to hide as she gets up she notices the gentleman eyes gazing down her dress and giggles. Bri directly asks him "if he knows what she likes to do with all this food"? Bri offers him if he's not busy to stay and watch to which the gentleman replied that he would love too. Nervously getting all the ingredients she had previously prepared before heading to the shops to get even more, Bri looks up and notices a bulge from the gentleman's trousers and makes a comment about liking what he see's. Bri grabs various ingredients around her, starting off with a big bowl of spaghetti pouring it down the front of her dress deeply gasping rubbing it into her dress. Picking up tins of savoury mess pouring them all over her bare chest and head then ask the gentleman what next. Pick you a nice custard pie Bri opens her legs revealing her stain red panties, slams it into her crouch, places a pie on her seat then straddles and rubs her bum and pussy into another custard pie. One after one pouring more mess moaning over her face and chest rubbing it all in. Leaning forward she asks the gentleman if he would like to pour custard down her dress giggling and excited she takes a seat and starts to grab mush peas and shaking them vigorously they fall down her dress and she shows off how full between her breast are of mushy peas. Bri insists her hair needs to get more messy grabbing a trifle to give herself a trifle hair wash she massages it and pulls it all though her hair. Bri's dress become heavy and slips down reveals her nipples before getting on the floor to play with the slop and filling her beautiful shinny heels with slop and putting it back on. Bri lifts her dress up and stuffs slop into her satin panties getting very excited she starts to rub her pussy and skips slips down her dress rubbing her tits while pouring more savoury mess onto her face and chest. Pouring more mess into her panties she starts to rub telling the gentleman she's close but doesn't want to yet finish yet. Rubbing her pussy in another pie she asked if he's ready and finishes deeply gasps and strips off her dress showing her tits and talks about wanting to run her dress in the slop before putting it back on. Then looks him in the eyes with heavy breathe and says to be continued and walks off, what a naughty Bri!

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Bri's helping hand at the hotel


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