Michaela's Wet Rainwear & Muddy Puddle Splashing


Written by Michaela Anderson....

"I do not remember exactly WHY I was outside in the pouring rain that day! Probably boredom. But, I am so pleased I was! I had so much fun and didn't realise a grown woman could have so much fun jumping in muddy puddles! I was really worried a tractor was going to come down the lane and ruin the take! That reminds me, I must check the weather app for the next rainy day! xx :)"

Michaela is wearing an bright blue waterproof jacket, black waterproof trousers and a pair of rubber wellies. Her hair is already very wet. It is pouring with rain and she is wandering around the narrow country lanes in search of mud and puddles to splash about in.

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Michaela's Wet Rainwear & Muddy Puddle Splashing


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