Michaela in Heels & Tights in The Gunge Tank


Michaela Anderson is nominated by an anonymous viewer known only as 'The Gunger' to go in the gunge tank while wearing a white top, short tartan skirt, black tights and very high heeled pvc shoes!

A visually nervous Michaela is firstly interviewed by a confident Callum, who is wearing casual sportswear. When told she is going in the tank because of 'The Gunger', she immediately knows who is behind this shoot. Reminiscing about similar shoots, Michaela makes her way into the tank.

After a couple of nervous moments, Callum pulls the lever and unloads green and blue MS»Gunge all over Michaela, soaking her clothing, tights and shoes. The video continues with Callum asking a couple of questions and Michaela removing and filling her shoes with gunge, only to push her feet into the shoe with some awesome sound effects!

Towards the end of the video, Callum asks if there is anything Michaela would like to say to 'The Gunger'? Not wanting to miss an opportunity for pay back, Michaela proceeds to instruct 'The Gunger' to complete a humiliating task, before having a genius idea at the very end of the video!!! 

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Michaela in Heels & Tights in The Gunge Tank

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