Human Carwash: Michaela Hair, PVC & Boots



This video features Miss Michaela dressed in multiple layers of PVC and thigh-high strappy boots. She goes through The Human Carwash with a variety of foam, water, gunge jets and pipes covering her. The water, foam, and gunge fill her catsuit and cover her hair, body, and boots. After the ride, she gets sprayed with gunge and pours buckets of gunge over her sexy PVC boots. 

This video has an emphasis on hair, PVC & Boots and includes many close-ups. A dedicated rear hair cam captures her sexy long hair getting all gunged up, a boots cam shows how dirty her heels get and a 'bird' cam captures everything from above alongside the standard zoomed in and full-length HD camera's.

Produced by Messyworld, this video is a 'LiquidXClusive'

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Human Carwash: Michaela Hair, PVC & Boots


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