Michaela White Jean Clothes Filling


Michaela Anderson stars in this solo self-gunging scene while wearing white jeans and white canvas shoes.

Beginning the video with two buckets of vibrant gunge (fluorescent green and pink) she dips her white shoes into the gunge, starting with the tips and then fully submerging until totally covered in thick MS»Gunge!

Moving up her legs, she jugs the gunge over her white trousers! It doesn't look like they'll remain white for long! Moving higher still, she starts jugging the gunge down her top! Look closely and you can see it bulge under her top as it congregates in one place before Michaela squelches the gunge against her skin.

Not one for being this confident, Michaela loses herself and begins to let loose, enjoying herself as the gunge soaks her clothing and saturates her skin. She stands up and turns around... what is she doing??!

Facing the camera again she pours the rest of the gunge all over herself until she is unrecognisable!!!

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Michaela White Jean Clothes Filling

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