Zane Job Advert - Carwash


Zane arrives at his job interview, he applied for a cool-sounding job where he gets to test some cool 'tech' gear. He is greeted by Callum in one of the dressing rooms at MessyWorld, where awaiting him are a contractual disclaimer and a rather unique safety works uniform (a tight lycra suit). 

His first task is to ride The Human Carwash, but for 'his own safety', he must be tied in place with a ball gag in to make sure his mouth remains open (even though it will dramatically restrict his ability to speak). Callum dips the ball gag in honey so that he drools more.

Zane is sent through The Human Carwash in his tight-fitting lycra then Callum takes it upon himself to fill his suit with the leftover gunge at the bottom of the carwash.

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Zane Job Advert - Carwash


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