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'Jean Pierre' - The Restaurant Critic

Zane Bateman plays restaurant critic 'Jean Pierre'. He is snobby, self-serving, and up himself. Waiter Callum, takes him to the 'The VIP area' (secretly designated for difficult guests). Callum returns with a full menu of very mucky and messy foods to absolutely cover Jean Pierre and destroy his very expensive suit. After covering him in gravy, ketchup, rice pudding, mayonnaise, black treacle, mashed potato, tomatoes, and rice, he then gives him a dessert of 3 layers of colourful gunge. He then invites some of the guests to have selfies to humiliate the arrogant critic.


Starring: Zane Bateman / Callum Leigh
Devices: N/A




Running Time: 16:49 Min's
Dimensions: 1280 x 720





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